Sundays at Christ The King from the Autumn Term 1969 card

time Sundays time Weekdays
    9.30am Morning Prayer (South Chapel)
8am Holy Communion in the South Chapel 1.10pm Holy Communion
10am University Eucharist and Sermon 5.10pm Evening Prayer (South Chapel)
7.30pm Evening Service and University Sermon (the sermon began at 8pm and it was possible to come into church during the hymn preceding the sermon) 5.45pm (Mon, Wed) Holy Communion
8.30pm Evening Eucharist 9.10pm (Thu) Holy Communion

Facilities at Christ The King from the Autumn Term 1969 card

Church CTK was open for prayer from 8am to 8pm daily: the front gates were closed at 10pm. The clergy said morning and evening prayer each day at 9.30am and 5.10pm in the South Chapel and students were encouraged to attend these short acts of prayer and Bible reading. There were no public services on Saturdays.
Lunch Club
Mrs Rene Gonse
Lunch Club was open each day during the week from 12.30-2pm in the refectory underneath the church, where there was a cheap lunch in pleasant surroundings. Students helped with the meals and the canteen was supervised and managed by Mrs F I (Rene) Gonse.
Bar The Bar was in the crypt underneath the church. It was open after all main services and on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-11pm.
University Church Bookshop This was open during the week and had a large stock of contemporary religious paperbacks. There was also 'someone present to take all enquiries and to help visitors.'
Choir The Choir was always glad to recruit any new members. Choir practice was on Fridays at 5.30pm in the Church.