Chaplaincy Staff associated with Christ The King, Gordon Square

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Jim Brady 1965-69 LSE 1965-69

BRADY, The Rev Frederick Herbert James. born 1933 BSc (class 2A) Sydney 1955; Dip Ed 1956; ThL (class 1) Moore College, Sydney 1959; BD (class 2A) King's College London 1965. Ordained Deacon 1960 Sydney, Priest 1960. Assistant St Paul's Burwood 1960-61; Assistant Chaplain Trinity College University of Melbourne 1962-63; General Licence Diocese of London 1963-69; Assistant St Clement's Notting Hill 1964; Honorary Assistant London University Chaplaincy 1965-69 at Christ the King Gordon Square and London School of Economics; Chaplain University of Melbourne 1970-78; Vicar St Mary's North Melbourne 1978-99. Current Retired. Honorary Associate Priest St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne from 1999.

11 Dec 2007: Jim writes: That's from my entry from contemporary Australian Year Book. My wife Ann (Proctor) and I were very involved in the life of Christ the King in the late 1960s and we were married there by Gordon Phillips, with Michael Marshall celebrating the Mass, in 1967. Stuart Harrison was our photographer and we knew all the other people whose photos appear in connection with the Reunion. I lived in 13 Woburn Square until we were married and then we moved to William Goodenough House in Mecklenburgh Square.

Nicholas Darby

DARBY, Nicholas Peter. Kent University BA 1982. Sarum & Wells Theological College 1971. deaconed 1974 priested 1975. Curate Walton-on-Thames, Guildford 1974-78; Curate Horsell 1978-80; USA 1982-84; Chaplain London University 1984-89, Chaplain Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel) 1990-91; Permission to Officiate Southwark 1990-91; Permission to Officiate London 1990-91; Vicar Kew St Philip & All Saints with St Luke Southwark from 1991: Dean of Holy Cross Cathedral, Gabarone, Botswana, where he was working with USPG.

Peter Delaney, Resident Chaplain CTK 1970-73

DELANEY, The Venerable Peter Anthony. AKC 1965. deaconed 1966 priested 1967. Curate St Marylebone with Holy Trinity, London 1966-70; Chaplain National Heart Hospital London 1966-70; Resident Chaplain University Church Christ the King 1970-73; Canon Res and Precentor Southwark Cathedral 1973-77; Vicar All Hallows by the Tower etc., London from 1977; Canon Cyprus and the Gulf from 1988; Prebendary St Paul's Cathedral London 1995-99; Archdeacon of London from 1999. MBE 2001

Sister Edna Mary
Died about 1969? Co-author in 1966 with Michael Marshall of A Pattern of Faith

Sister Mary Anne Dss CSA

Assistant Chaplain, about 1969-70?

Simon Holden CR 1969-74 Assistant Chaplain University College London

HOLDEN, Jack Crawford (Simon). Leeds University BA 1959. College of Resurrection Mirfield 1959. deaconed 1961 priested 1961. Curate Middlesbrough All Saints, York 1961-64: Licensed to officiate Wakefield 1965-69: Community of the Resurrection from 1967; Assistant Chaplain University College London 1969-74; Licensed to Officiate 1970-74; retired 1998; Licensed to Officiate Wakefield from 1998.

John Holder - 1981-84 Honorary Chaplain; from 2000 Bishop of Barbados


Michael Marshall 1964-69 Central Area & CTK

+MARSHALL, The Rt Revd Michael Eric. Ch College Cambridge BA 1958 MA 1960. Cuddesdon College 1958. deaconed 1960 priested 1961 c 1975. Curate Birmingham St Peter, Birmingham 1960-62; Tutor Ely Theological College 1962-64; Minor Canon Ely Cathedral 1962-64; Chaplain London University 1964-69: Vicar All Saints Margaret Street 1969-75; Suffragan Bishop Woolwich, Southwark, 1975-84: Episcopal Director Anglican Institute, Missouri 1984-92; Archbishop's Advisor Springboard for Decade of Evangelism from 1992; Hon Assistant Bishop, London from 1984: Assistant Bishop Chichester from 1992: Canon and Prebendary Chichester Cathedral 1990-99; Priest-in-charge (Rector) Upper Chelsea Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, London 1997-2007. Final Sermon at Holy Trinity.

Peter Mason 1964-70 City University

MASON, Canon Peter Joseph. London University BA 1958. College of Resurrection Mirfield 1958. deaconed 1960 priested 1961. Curate Belhus Park CD, Chelmsford 1960-63; Licensed to Officiate, Europe 1963-64; Assistant Chaplain London University 1964-70; Chaplain City University 1966-70; Rector Stoke Newington St Mary 1970-78; Vicar Writtle, Chelmsford 1978-81; Priest-in-charge Highwood 1978-81; Vicar Writtle with Highwood 1981-86; Rector Shenfield 1986-93; Hon Canon Chelmsford Cathedral 1989-2000; Priest-in-charge Maldon All Saints with St Peter 1993-95; Vicar 1995-2000; Rural Dean Maldon and Dengie 1995-2000; retired 2000; Permission to Officiate Chelmsford from 2000.

Hugh Moore 1968-70 LSE

MOORE, Prebendary Hugh Desmond. St Catherine Soc Oxford BA 1955 MA 1964. St Stephen's House Oxford 1958. deaconed 1961 priested 1962, Curate Kingston St Luke, Southwark 1961-68; Assistant Chaplain London University1968-70; Chaplain Edgware Community Hospital 1970-92; Chaplain Wellhouse NHS Trust 1992-99; Chaplain Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust from 1999; Vicar Hendon St Alphage's, London, from 1970; Archdeacon W Barnet 1985-90; Prebendary St Paul's Cathedral from 1995.

Gordon Phillips 1955-68

PHILLIPS, The Very Rev Gordon Lewis. Late Scholar and Exhibitioner Brasenose College Oxford. BA 1st class Lit Hum 1937. 3rd class Theology 1935. MA 1937. Tutor Kelham Theological College 1935 Ordained Deacon 1937, Priested 1938 Diocese of Monmouth. Curate St Julian Newport 1937-40, Rector of Northolt 1940-55. Chaplain University of London 1955 -68. Rector of Bloomsbury 1956-68. Examining Chaplain for Bishop of St Albans 1957-68. Prebendary of Hoxton in St Paul's Cathedral London 1960-68. Proctor in Convocation London 1960-65. Bishops Commissary for SW Tanganyika 1962-68. Select Preacher to the University of Cambridge 1963, University of Oxford 1964-65. Dean and Vicar of Llandaff 1968-71. Chaplain Luxembourg Diocese London (N and Central Europe) 1972-74.
Author Seeing and Believing 1953, Flame in the Mind 1957, Contr Studies in the Fourth Gospel 1957.

11 Dec 2007: Jim Brady writes: Following his retirement from the Luxembourg Chaplaincy in 1974 Gordon went to live in a remote part of Wales. Ann and I visited him twice there when we on visits to England before he died.
with thanks to Jim Brady for the information on Gordon Phillips from Crockford 1974

Michael Porteus 1969-74 Bedford & Westfield

PORTEUS, James Michael. Worcester College Oxfors BA 1955 MA 1958, Cuddesdon College. deaconed 1957 priested 1958. Curate Fleetwood, Blackburn 1957-60; Curate Oxford St Mary the Virgin, Oxford 1960-62; Staff Secretary SCM Oxford 60-62; USA 1962-69 and 1986-91; Chaplain London University 1969-74; Vicar Hampstead Garden Suburb 1974-86; Minister Livingston LEP, Edinburgh 1991-96; retired 96; Priest-in-charge Portree, Argyll from 1996.

Edward Shotter 1969-89 London Medical Group

SHOTTER, The Very Reverend Edward Frank. University of Wales (Lampeter) BA 1958. St Stephen's House Oxford 1958. deaconed 1960 priested 1961. Curate Plymouth St Peter, Exeter 1960-62; Inter-Collegiate Secretary SCM (London) 1962-66; Permission to Officiate London 1962-69; Director London Medical Group 1963-89; Chaplain London University Medical Students London 1969-89; Director Institute of Medical Ethics 1974-89; Prebendary St Paul's Cathedral London 1977-89; Dean Rochester Cathedral from 1989. Emeritus.

Victor Stock 1973-79

STOCK, The Very Reverend Victor Andrew. AKC 1968 FRSA 1995. deaconed 1969 priested 1970. Curate Pinner, London 1969-73; Chaplain London University 1973-79; Rector Friern Barnet St James 1979-86; Rector St Mary le Bow with St Pancras Soper Lane etc from 1986; Priest-in-charge St Mary Aldermanbury from 1987. Dean Guildford Cathedral from 2002

Ron Swan 1966-72 Medical Schools

SWAN, Prebendary Ronald Frederick. St Catherine's College Cambridge BA 1959 MA. College of Resurrection Mirfield. deaconed 1961 priested 1962. Curate Staveley, Derby 1961-66; Chaplain London University 1966-72; Curate St Martin-in-the-Fields 1972-77; Vicar Ealing St Barnabas 1977-88; Vicar Ealing St Stephen's Castle Hill 1981-88; Archdeacon Ealing E 1984-88; Vicar Harrow St Mary 1988-97; Archdeacon Harrow 1989-94; Prebendary St Paul's Cathedral from 1991; formerly Master Royal Foundation of St Katharine in Ratcliffe

image source UC Oxford website Bill Sykes 1969-78 UCL
SYKES, William George David. National Service with 2nd Bn 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles in Singapore. Balliol College Oxford BA 1963 MA 1968. Wycliffe Hall Oxford 1963. deaconed 1965 priested 1966. Chaplain Bradford Cathedral 1965-69; Chaplain University College London 1969-78; Chaplain University College Oxford 1978-2005, Emeritus Fellow.

Rev Bill Sykes died on 17th January 2015. Tributes and Reflections

Eric Tinker 1969-90 Senior Chaplain

TINKER, Prebendary Eric Franklin. OBE 1989. Exeter College Oxford BA 1942 MA 1946 City University Hon DD 1987 London University Hon DD 1989 Middlesex University Hon DD 1993. Lincoln Theological College 1942. deaconed 1944 priested 1945. Curate Gt Berkhamsted, St Albans 1944-46: Curate Rugby St Andrew, Coventry 1946-48; CF 1948-49; London Secretary SCM 1949-51; Chaplain London University 1951-55; Vicar Handsworth St James, Birmingham 1955-65; Vicar Enfield St Andrew, London 1965-69; Prebendary St Paul's Cathedral 1969-90; Senior Chaplain London Universities and Polytechnics 1969-90; Director of Education (Dioceses of London and Southwark) 1972-80; General Secretary London Diocesan Board of Education 1980-82; retired 1990; Permission to Officiate, London, from 1990.

Robin Walter 1969-70 CTK

WALTER, Robin. University College Durham BA 1963 MA 1990 Linacre College Oxford BA 1965 MA 1969. St Stephen's House Oxford 1963. deaconed 1966 priested 1968. Curate Peckham St John, Southwark 1966-69; Chaplain London University 1969-70; Curate Durham St Margaret, Durham 1970-74; Rector Burnmoor 1974-79; Assistant Master Barnard Castle School 1979-97; Licensed to Officiate 1979-82; Hon Curate Whorlton 1982-88: NSM Barnard Castle Deanery 1988-97; Priest-in-charge Redmarshall, Stockton-on-Tees 1997-2001; Rector from 2001; Priest in charge Bishopton with Great Stainton 1997-2001; Vicar from 2001.

Stephen Williams LSE 1980-91

WILLIAMS, Stephen Grant. Kings College London BD 1973, AKC 1973, deaconed 1975, priested 1976; Curate Christ Church Paddington, London 1975-78; Curate St James Paddington 1978-80; Chaplain LSE 1980-91; Senior Chaplain London University from 1991: quoted in Guardian article on cult followings

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